Atlanta's COSPLAY CRAWL rescheduled for Oct. 18

Due to the potential heat factor this Saturday (Sept. 14th), we have decided to RESCHEDULE the Cosplay Pub Crawl (Atlanta) for Oct. 18th, 2019

Many have messaged us with concerns about their cosplay being in the heat or how hot they’ll be; therefore, so we have talked to the venues and photographers and decided to DELAY for 5 weeks until when the weather is (hopefully) better suited for our event on Oct. 18th. If you already have a ticket, keep it, it will be honored on the reschedule date of Oct. 18th. If you have a COSPLAY CRAWL ticket and want a refund, email us at (by Oct. 1st!) and we will refund your ticket cost - again, Oct. 1st is deadline for asking for a refund.

We do apologize for anyone who may be inCONvenienced by this but when so many potential attendees express concern like this we try to accommodate when possible. Tickets still available at: (21+)